Welcome to WTM Chicago

WTM Chicago is a talent management, production and productivity company whose purpose is to help talented people like yourself to navigate the often confusing and choppy waters of the entertainment industry.  With focus on everything from social media and marketing to merchandising and booking, WTM Chicago provides an all inclusive experience.  Also, for the things that we do not do in house, we have an extensive partner list.  Need a studio to record in? We’ve got partners.  Need live sound people?  We’ve got partners for that too.  Need a photographer or videographer?  You guessed it.



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Are you as productive as you can be?

We are certified productivity experts and have the know how and the methods to teach you how to be as efficient and productive as you can be.

We are also Evernote Certified Consultants and can help to set up a customized workflow to fit almost any individual or business type!




We would like to acknowledge Toni Hardison, our advertising specialist, for drumming up interest in our events all over the world. Also crucial to our operations are our expert translators Francis Silva and Li Zheng, who work tirelessly our events accessible to all audiences. In addition, we’d like to recognize our head travel agent and coordinator Deon Page, our contract lawyer Tamaika Pierce, and our head accountant Melissa Carew.

They put our band on the map. Before they opened, we couldn’t find a recording studio that was willing to take a chance on our songs, but they were confident that we could succeed.


Rob Kent

Lead vocalist for Djenn


While on tour in the States, we received an invitation to record a song for free with the, and absolutely fell in love with the studio. We ended up recording our entire new album there.


Brigit O’Neill

Lead singer for Mecha Republic



For Musicians

We work with bands and musicians who seek to play abroad, finding them venues in foreign cities or on cruises.


For Fans

We let you book a vacation alongside one of hundreds of popular musicians.





Welcome to the largest music supply and recording franchise in the Carolinas! Founded in 1993 by Raleigh-based guitar enthusiast Hector Benson, We specialize in selling, repairing, and recording stringed instruments.

Whether music is your career or your hobby, there’s no better supply shop than us.


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